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Focus on Key Profit Technologies of pig raising
Time: 2015-07-21 Source:

25号欧冠足球比分 www.nmaeb.com.cn "The second session (2013) high-level forum of Sino US pig - Fujian station in Fuqing Chuangyuan international hotel was held, the meeting of the U. S. Soybean Export Council, Ministry of agriculture, the core of the national pig breeding field - Fujian Yongcheng company, (Sino US joint venture), Fujian Province, permanent Chenghua pig Co., Ltd., Beijing Fuk Lok living science and Technology Co., Ltd., CO sponsored.
Meeting, GUI Hong Zhang professor from breeding, nutrition, disease control, after slaughter and processing, management five aspects analysis how to do farm purification management, made a comprehensive exposition about the month of scale pig farms swine fever pseudorabies virus purification project.
A professor from embryo to birth to weaning the whole process in piglets to nutrition, psychology and environment three aspects of stress experience, piglet digestive organs for the choice of feed, expounds how to scientifically reasonable preparation piglet systematically teach "according to piglet digestive physiological defects reasonably formulated suckling pig feed, the subject of.
Professor Ted funk is in "good pig Environment: raise comfortable pigs and maximize profit" ("good for piggery environment: porcine crisp more") project, from the following three aspects explain how for pigs to create a good feeding environment.
1, young pigs a good start Give (for a good start.
2, Take good care of gilts and sows' feet and legs' (take care of mother pig's leg and foot)
3, air filtration of swine buildings to keep out airborne virus (use of air filtration system to prevent virus from outdoor air enter the pig barn)
The chairman of the board of directors of the Xue Yongzhu from Fujian, China Yongcheng Company breeding, breeding method, how to use the established complete breeding system accurately genetic breeding of excellent pig, why should for genetic evaluation, selection index is how to explain the Yongcheng pig genetic evaluation system ", and the scene audience interaction. At the meeting, the participants of the lecture earnestly concentrate one's attention on, notes, to facilitate future inspection. During the meeting, Fujian permanent general manager Xue Yongqin Cheng, Professor Ted Funk of China Agricultural University, America Yili ruoyi a professor, Professor Zhang Guihong, chairman of Southern China Agricultural University Fujian sunshine ecological agriculture Limited company national labor model of Fujian Province, Mr. Yang Guangping, Mr. Zhuang Jinmu, veteran of the pig in Fujian Province aquaculture field Wu Yichou general manager, Fujian Province Fujian green the three-dimensional agriculture comprehensive development limited company chairman Xiao Guoxing, Nanan Hengsheng Ecological Park Co. Ltd. General Manager / Quanzhou pig industry union the youngest vice president Mr. Dai Junming should be "International Journal of animal husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Agency (formerly the foreign animal husbandry - pig and poultry editorial department)", "contemporary science", "animal husbandry pig pig industrial communication", Baidu media invited to interview the pig. Will, part of the draw colorful, by (Sino US joint venture), Fujian Province, permanent Chenghua pig Co., Ltd. sponsored the highest value 16000 yuan five-star Duroc boars become audience to compete for treasure, draw link ups and downs, orgasm continuously. Speaking of meeting was pushed to the peak. After the meeting, the teacher and the guests have left Yongcheng company message and a photo.

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